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If you own an iPhone

If you own an iPhone, you will want to learn some of the cool iPhone tricks. If you are a new owner of an iPhone, then congratulations! You now have a very handy and powerful piece of technology that can virtually do it all. And it is so easy. With your new iPhone, everything can be done with your index finger. So let the tapping begin.

Not much double tapping, because everything can be opened with a single tap. There are, however, some uses reserved for double tapping. Basically, the double-tap is used for zooming in and then zooming back out. For videos, TV shows and movies, however, the double-tap is used as a toggle between the letterbox view and the squarish simulated full-screen view.
Of course, the letterbox view gives you the full length scene in movies. But if you don't mind cutting the ends off, a double-tap gives you the larger view. It's your choice.

Time SaverNo need to capitalize or add apostrophes to contractions. Your iPhone will add these automatically as you type.

Google MapsOne of the handiest applications on your iPhone is Google Maps. Of course, you would most likely use this for driving directions. So make sure that you bookmark your home or office address to avoid unnecessary typing in the starting and destination fields.

Bigger Keyboard
Go to Safari, the iPhone's web browser. Before you tap on the address bar, rotate your iPhone horizontally. The window will detect this and switch to the horizontal mode. Then, when you tap on the address bar, the screen keyboard will be horizontal. This is all made possible by one of the three sensors hidden behind the black screen.

The Sensors
So, what are these sensors and what do they do? There is the accelerometer, the proximity sensor and the ambient light sensor. Here is how they will help you.

The accelerometer detects the rotation of your iPhone and adjusts your view accordingly. This was explained in the above section to make a bigger keyboard. The proximity sensor works when you are using the phone application to shut off the screen illumination and touch sensitivity when your iPhone is against your head. And then the ambient light sensor, which makes your screen brighter or dimmer when it detects the degree of room light or outside light.
It will not continually adjust to the room light however. It will sample the light as you unlock it. So you can fool it by covering it up or by holding it up to the light. Of course, you can also do this manually by going to Settings and adjusting the brightness slider.

Some Other TricksThese are some of the cool iPhone tricks you can start with. Apple has a video on their website called "Finger Tips" with some other tricks. Just go to . You will learn how to silence the ring, delete a message, assign a ringtone, set a passcode or reset your iPhone.
These tricks should give you a good start, but there are many other iPhone tricks that you can find just by searching the blogs.

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